Every clock we create is one of a kind – just like you. That is why we will sit down with you to extensively discuss your requirements and ideas so we can build the clock that is perfect for you. We offer a large selection of precious metals, high-quality leathers and fine crystals, as well as the finest granite and marble for the perfect base, ensuring that your clock’s final appearance will match your ideas as closely as possible. We can also offer our own collection of 3996 precious diamonds.


Innovative metal surfaces

We offer a variety of designed sheet metals, including high-gloss polished / mirror polished, glass bead blasted, coated, sanded or 24-karat gold-plated, made from the corresponding stainless-steel materials 1.4016 / 1.4301 / 1.4401 / 1.4404.

Real carbon dials

The carbon dial scaled to this size captivates the eye with its grain flow pattern while its gold-plated elements radiate supreme exclusivity. The time markers on our clocks’ dials are set either with fine crystals in 24-karat gold-plated settings or with 3996 diamonds in Top Wesselton VS quality. We have a separate collection for this purpose.


Our hour and minute hands are made of aluminum.

The following options are offered:

  • Silver, brushed
  • Silver, high-gloss polished
  • 24-karat gold, brushed
  • 24-karat gold, high-gloss polished

Due to the size of the minute hand, gold-plating presents the greatest challenge.

Different steps in the electroplating process are necessary to gold-plate the hands: First, a layer of nickel must be applied, followed by copper and, finally, gold.

However, these steps affect the weight of the hand to such an extent that each one must be accurately balanced to ensure that the clockwork operates with perfect precision.


We are particularly proud of the chain link made of real stainless steel developed and designed by us. The biggest challenge was its tremendous weight.

The stainless-steel bracelet consists of 74 individual chain links with a total thickness of 2 cm.

The individual links are connected with more than 280 CNC-manufactured screw connections.

Each link is brushed by hand, and to ensure a consistent finish, the entire chain bracelet must be processed by the same person.

The bracelet can be individually configured.

The links, which are either natural brushed stainless steel or plated with 24-karat gold, can be arranged in various patterns.


Leather is a fascinating material.

We love this natural product and have turned our enthusiasm into a professional passion.

For this reason, we only use leather of the finest quality, including premium cowhide and calfskin.

By request, we also work with exclusive and precious leathers such as salmon, stingray and crocodile leather.

All materials are sourced from suppliers with high ecological and quality standards. This way, we can ensure that the leather meets proper animal welfare standards, has been produced in an environmentally friendly manner and is free from harmful substances.

We offer over 200 types of leather for our classic leather strap – the choice is yours.


Our large wristwatch-style clock cases are manufactured with a metalworking process called spinning. This means that the metal is shaped in a rotationally symmetrical, non-cutting forming process. The advantage of spinning is that complicated contours can be created in one operational step.

We have designed our own customized tools for the manufacturing process.

The lugs are made of solid stainless steel and connect the case to the stainless-steel bracelet or leather strap.

The crowns are also made of solid CNC-milled stainless steel and mounted on the case in various sizes.

The cases, lugs and crowns are either brushed, highly polished, mirror-polished or 24-karat gold-plated.


For our clock bases, we use only the finest natural stones from all over the world.

These splendidly radiant natural stone bases are custom-made for us on CNC processing machines.

Our wide range of geological riches comes from quarries in Italy, Austria, India, Egypt, Vietnam, China, Turkey or Brazil.

Our selection is almost inexhaustible, including over 1,000 varieties of granite, marble, quartzite, slate, sandstone, quartz composite, ceramic and porcelain stoneware.

Each base is made unique by its structure and carefully selected to match the clock’s individual configuration.


Granite is known for its wide range of colors and great solidity. Its visible crystals give it an air of magnificence.


Marble takes its name from the Greek word for “crystalline rock” or “shining stone”.
Its characteristic features include its warmth and, of course, the marbling.