The best way to lose track of time

Large wristwatch-style clocks manufactured by steinbach are a marvel of innovation and master craftsmanship.

Each clock is unique

and will be individually configured according to your exquisite taste.

Premium Quality

Carefully selected materials, masterful workmanship and meticulous attention to detail ensure supreme quality and exclusivity.

Made in Germany

We develop and produce all parts of our clocks exclusively in Germany.

Experience the fascination of our large wristwatch-style clocks.

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Quality makes the Difference

Our clocks are designed with a clear and consistent definition that deliberately omits overly ornate elements such as seconds hands or nautical bezels.

We will do everything we can to make your wishes come true, whether you come to us with concrete suggestions or just a vague idea.

There is no challenge that our dedicated team of specialists made up of experienced craftsmen from various fields cannot master.

An abiding passion for our craft and a love for detail are the driving forces behind our work. Our quest for perfection leaves no room for compromise.


Carefully selected materials, masterly workmanship and loving attention to detail guarantee superior quality – “Made in Germany”. The unique character of our products is shaped by extensive innovations and the interplay of a wide range of luxurious materials.

Our large wristwatch-style clocks push the limits of what is possible today.

Only the very best materials and techniques were allowed in the development of each unique object – no compromises. In the manufacturing process, we use traditional handicraft techniques as well as cutting-edge high-tech procedures, including the mirror finish.

We exclusively use hand-polished stainless-steel alloys in various designs.

The dials of our clocks are set with fine crystals or with diamonds in gold-plated settings.

Each clock is unique and can be individually configured by you according to your exquisite taste.


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Premium leather straps

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